Not found an airline job yet? Try Smuggling!

Now, I’m not sure if this is desperation, stupidity or both – but it would seem that things are now so bad, within the UK airline industry, that one poor chap felt the need to resort to a little bit of smuggling to supplement his income.

The man in question is none other than a Captain for British Airways and is now suspended, has been convicted of various counts of tax evasion and will, in all probability, now face dismissal from his job as a BA Captain.

Was it worth it? – Don’t think so. (Although saying that, it must have had some kind of reward for this Airline Captain to risk everything for)

Of course I am not going to sit here and judge this man, and neither should you. However, this case raises an opportunity to highlight an important issue Рthe level of trust and faith vested in pilots. It therefore goes without saying that when Pilots abuse their position, especially in these types of circumstances, then the consequences are likely to be far more severe.

Ultimately, it is incumbent upon Pilots to remember their status and responsibilities, both inside and outside the flight deck, and hold themselves in such a way to ensure that the perception of them, and the trust placed in them, is not compromised or tarnished.

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